My Favorite Websites

I often get asked what we use for school and cooking and such.  So, I figured it would be a good idea to put together a master-list of sorts.  Now, let me just add the disclaimer here that once you click on one of these websites, you are leaving my blog.  What you find on any of these websites is solely the reflection of those particular sites and their creators.  Also, the entirety of their sites do not necessarily reflect my views, opinions, beliefs, and/or endorsement.  These are sites I reference from time to time, some more than others.  Use your own judgement as to their appropriateness and helpfulness for your own family.  Also, unless otherwise noted, all websites listed are FREE!  ;-)

Personal interests:  This is a wonderful women's ministry based in the Denver area, but reaching out to women around the world. I have been blessed to be a part of it for the past year.  We provide conferences, luncheons, dinners and worship nights, all with the goal of refreshing and encouraging women so that they are better equipped to go refresh and encourage others.  You need to check this one out.  A dear friend of mine started this non-profit with a few of her friends.  As they say on their website, they are a "connecting organization".  They want "to help you make a difference in the lives of others by using your God-given gifts, time, passions, and resources."  Each year, they organize food and supply drives, shoe-making parties, adoption fundraisers, the Justice Run,
and so much more.  I came across this incredible website a while back and got lost in it for days.  I promptly ordered her book and devoured it in a day. If you are married to a police officer, this should be required reading.  Another great blog dedicated to LEOWs (law enforcement officer wives).  You will laugh and cry and get all worked up reading this one.   Even if you are not married to a cop, I strongly suggest you take some time and read what it is like to be a police officer.  She captures this world so perfectly.

Food websites:  Great information on cooking and baking from scratch (including grinding your grains fresh), without needing to buy special equipment.  A great way to start eating healthier without breaking the bank.  (She has a few sample recipes you can download so that you can decide whether you would like to purchase the cookbooks.)  This website is FULL of fantastic information on 'getting back to basics' in our homes...eating REAL food and restoring health to our family.  Also, plenty of products to buy!  :)  Great recipes for baking fresh bread and another resource for supplies.   Another great site for fresh bread baking and finding all the supplies you will need.  This is often my starting point for cooking...I look up recipes on this site, then do a little 'tweaking' to adjust them to what ingredients I have on hand or to our specific tastes and dietary needs.  Same goes for this one.  I find the basics and make it my own.  

School resources:  This website is invaluable to anyone who homeschools or is thinking of homeschooling.   Christian Home Educators of Colorado   Live streaming videos of all sorts...from conference talks to art lessons to science projects.
***   Fantastic information and resources for figuring out your teaching style and your child's learning style.  What we use.   A great, adventurous math game that my son loves to play.  (You can download a sample...but must purchase to get the full game.)   A good phonics website to help children with early reading skills.  A great, free resource full of ideas for unit studies based on good children's storybooks.  Fantastic ideas for all ages.  A good place to buy new books at good prices.  Buy and sell used curriculum, books and resources.  A great website I have recently become addicted to! Post books you no longer want, then mail them to whomever requests them.  Get one credit for each book you mail and use those credits to request books from others!  Another good educational game resource.  We are not fans of everything on this site.  But there are great geography games that we have used alot.  Wonderful educational games and much more!

Christian study resources:   Look up scripture by word, phrase, verse.  Multiple translations with study tools including dictionary, Lexicon, timelines, charts and outlines.  Very useful tool!  One of my favorite speakers.  A great apologetics site with videos, notes, and many other resources.  A great way to get plugged-in to a non-denominational, local Bible Study group.  Listen to a wide array of sermons and messages for FREE!  Pray for a different nation each day!  This site gives information on the daily country chosen and specific things to pray for.

Helping orphans and children:  An organization that helps raise awareness and money for orphans with Down Syndrome (and other disabilities) in Asia and Eastern Europe.  They work to connect families with waiting children.  A great starting point with lots of information on what you can do to help, including links to other helpful organizations.   Adoption and Orphan Care in Colorado.   Lutheran Family Services provides services to help people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.  A great resource to help you find a place to serve.   The nations largest adoption agency.  Christian values.   A great website full of organizations that provide orphan-care.   Steven Curtis Chapman's Show Hope website that gives great step-by-step information on what it takes to go through the adoption process.  Operation Christmas Child website.  Provide great blessings to children in need around the world.  A fantastic tradition for your family.  Sponsor a child.  Your small monthly donation helps to take care of a child physically, spiritually, economically, and socially.  More than 80% of all their expenditures goes to the program activities for the children.  You also will become pen-pals with your sponsored child.  With your donations, this organization provides families with livestock.  Per their website, "By giving families a hand-up, not just a hand-out, we empower them to turn lives of hunger and poverty into self-reliance and hope."

Healthy Living:  My applied kinesiologist's website. He has truly given me back my life.