In the Schoolroom

My oldest is 13 years old.  My middle-man is 10 and my baby is 8.  This year is a bit different than the previous 6 years of homeschooling for us.  My oldest will be in high school next year, so my focus with him right now is to get him working fairly independently.  Also, we finished the five-year cycle of geography/history last year, so this year we start over.  My younger two were too little to remember any of it the first time around, where my oldest remembers most, if not all, of it.  So this year my teaching is focused on the littles while the oldest is spending more in-depth time researching the countries and writing reports. 
The curriculum we use and love is My Father's World (MFW).  You can access their website through my page, My Favorite Websites.

What we are currently using:

MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures
Singapore Math for the younger two
Math-U-See for the oldest
Spelling Power for all

We are also, for the first time, involved in a homeschool enrichment program through a local school district.  So far, we are loving it.  The boys get to take classes that they would not have the opportunity to do otherwise, such as karate and robotics and film-making.

What we have used in the past:

preschool puzzles
1st Grade
Adventures in My Father's World
Exploring Countries and Cultures
Creation to the Greeks
Rome to the Reformation 
Exploration - 1850
1850 to Modern Times

Additional resources I recommend:

LeapFrog movies:   The Letter Factory 
                            The Talking Words Factory 

These movies will teach your kids the letter names and sounds and sound blending.  They taught my boys the basics of reading within a matter of days...and I have many, many friends who will attest to the same for their kids.

Sheppard Software - Free online educational games

TimezAttack - The best math-fact game!  My boys love it.  There is a free version that will provide the same amount of math-facts as the paid version.  Paying merely gets you different backgrounds.

Khan Academy - Free online math lessons and practice. 

Sketch-Up - Free 3D modeling builder son LOVES this.

Civil Air Patrol - If you have a child interested in the Air Force and is between the ages 12 and 19, you have to check this out!