Sunday, March 6, 2016

Things I Love...

Home-made bread, fresh from the oven, with a thick layer of good butter.

New buds peeking through rich, dark soil.

Dancing in the kitchen with my sons.

The delicate beauty and precious promise wrapped up in the gift of a baby.

Late-night heart-to-hearts with my amazing kids, when they let me have a glimpse into their souls.

Knowing that my heart is completely safe in my husband’s arms.

A tattered, well-marked, well-loved Bible.

A good novel that leaves its mark upon my heart forever.

Seeing a look of happiness on someone’s face when they truly enjoy a meal I made them.

Hearing my husband pray from the depth of his heart.

Laughter and tears with a dear friend.

The legacy of a loving family.

A well-seasoned, cast iron skillet.

A good summer thunderstorm.

The majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

A long, peaceful trip in my kayak.

A gentle breeze blowing through the open windows of my house.

A good road-trip.

A perfectly timed song that hits its mark deep in my heart.

Encouraging and strengthening other women in their roles as wives and mothers.

Getting a window seat on the plane.

Having my teenager confide in me.

My husband’s arms wrapped securely around me. 

Hearing a good belly-laugh bubble up from deep inside one of my kids.

My middle-man’s shockingly-good British accent.

Planting seeds, knowing with absolute certainty that God will bring about a harvest in due time.

A front-porch swing on a little yellow house.

The pure joy that exudes from my baby (AKA “My Sunshine”) in the form of perpetual dancing and whistling.
A good game of cards filled with laughter and tears, and just a little smack-talk.

Freshly laundered sheets.

Family heirlooms.

The sound of my husband walking through the front door.

The unique us-ness of my family.

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