Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am in denial.

Serious denial.

How can my sweet life-raft be 10 years old?!  It seems like yesterday and life-times ago, all at once:

The moment my doctor said, "It's positive." 

The months of uncertainty and confusion and attempts at figuring out this "life" thing. 

The first few days of looking at this tiny person, not really knowing what to do or think. 

The moment a few days later, when that precious bundle yawned the cutest little newborn yawn...causing me to yawn. 

What a silly thing!  But it was that moment that I got it. 

This was MY baby. 

This little human was at that moment woven into the very fibers of my being. 

He completely changed me.  He is what prompted me to seek out God.


Through him, God pulled me out of my self-distructive behavior.

Through him, God first showed me what true love and joy looked like.

He was my life-raft; he led me to my Saviour.

When he was a baby, I always said he looked like an old man who knew all the secrets of heaven and earth.  I can still see that wisdom and Godliness in his eyes now as he grows into adulthood.


 What a heart he has! 

What a passion for God! 

What kindness and love! 

He has made me a better person.   He makes me want to be better still.

And he's only 10! 

Imagine what he will be like in 10 more years.... 

It makes my heart smile.

So, happy double-digits, baby.  What an amazing young man you are becoming.  I am honored to know you and have you as a part of my life.

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