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UPDATE:  The Bowser's ChipIn account started at $425.

It is currently at $1150!!! 

Click here to help it grow, so that they can get their daughter before its too late!  You will be directed to Holly's blog, where you will see a "ChipIn" button in the top right corner.  Every little bit helps!  I will continue to update the number here so we can watch it grow.


In yesterday's post, I shared links to a number of blogs from amazing families who are stepping out in faith to be used by God in various ways.  Each one of them inspires me.

Today, I want to share with you a family who is different than all those others.  You see the families that I have been "following" are strangers to me, or acquaintances at best.  This family is different.  They are near and dear to my heart.  I am honored to introduce you to the Bowser family.

Holly and I met years ago at college.  Carefree young ladies having a great time.  As often happens, we fell out of touch as our lives took us to different places.  The wonderful world of Facebook brought us back together.  But reconnecting did not take place right away.  You know how it goes.  Old friends you haven't talked to in years show up on Facebook.  You "friend" them, say hi, and don't actually speak to them again.  Am I right?

This is where our friendship was holding the "friend" world.  Until God began opening my eyes and heart to the children in need worldwide.  As I was finding organizations such as Reece's Rainbow and sharing what I was learning on my blog and through Facebook, Holly and her family were being prepared for the biggest journey of their lives: they were being led to adopt.  Holly noticed all of my posts regarding orphans and she contacted me.  Since then, our friendship has grown into one that I treasure.  She is one of those people who make you a better person.  

She encourages you when you are down.  
Celebrates with you when you are rejoicing.  
Prays with you in all circumstances. 

A true treasure.

And her family's story will bring you to tears.  You can read their full adoption journey here on her blog.  I encourage you to do so, as she can explain their journey so much better than I.  But for the sake of introduction, I will summarize.

Their journey began with Reece's Rainbow and a precious little girl.  They were in love with this precious life (and still are), however another family committed to her first.  Shortly thereafter, they received three referrals.  One of those precious children was their daughter.  So they started down the long path to bringing her home.  But, God was not done with their family just yet.  He had even bigger plans in store for them!

Through an orphan hosting program, they found their other daughter, a teenager who is dangerously close to aging out of the system.  Now they are desperately trying to get all the steps completed and funds raised so that they can bring home their two daughters from two different countries as soon as possible!  

This is where you come in.  Here is a family who is stepping out boldly in faith to rescue not one, but two precious girls from a hopeless life.  How brave and wonderful and amazing!  If only we could all step out in that way!

Unfortunately, not all of us are able.  I am fairly certain, however, that all of us are able to help those that can.  You are able to give $10, $25, $50 or more to help Holly and Jeremy go get their daughters.  Really.  You are.  You can sacrifice a couple lattes.  You can eat sandwiches one day for lunch instead of that fast food meal you were planning.  You can forgo the new gadget that you don't really need right now.  You can contribute to the ransom paid for these lives.

You can.

The question is, will you?

Will you be a part of this amazing journey?  Will you help rescue these girls?  Will you see beyond your comfortable life and let your heart break for the sake of these treasures?

Or will you be content to forget what you have seen and continue to spend your money on the temporal things? 

Where is your heart?  

Where is your treasure?

Holly and Jeremy have two treasures half a world away.  They have all they need at home to care for them, love them, show them Jesus, give them amazing lives.  They just need help getting the girls home.

On April 1st, they began their fundraising effort.  They have donated items for a give-away.  You can visit Holly's blog here to see the items and read a quick blurb of their story.  Please take a few minutes to do so.

Read through their story.  There are so many heart-felt posts that will bring you to tears.  Adoption is not an easy road.  It is not a quick process.  It is long and difficult and expensive.  But when we step out in faith to follow God's leading, we can be sure that He will provide. 

Will you be a part of that provision?

Over the last two weeks I have seen their ChipIn account rise only slightly.  I want to see it skyrocketing!  I know we can do it.  It really doesn't take much from each person.  It just takes many people stepping up to help the Bowsers step out in faith.

Go donate.  Then share this blog with others.  Post a link to Holly's blog.  Spread the word. 

Let's bring these girls home.

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