Tuesday, March 1, 2011


What a gloriously beautiful Colorado day!  Windows open, kids outside, smells of fresh bread baking...

Even if it were a dreary day, I would still be in awe.  Yesterday I witnessed such an amazing thing.  I saw people step up all day long to help someone they don't know, someone they may not have even heard of before yesterday.

People were donating their hard-earned money.  People were praying faithfully.  People were re-posting and forwarding the message.   Just thinking about how much God was able to multiply the efforts.  Patti, the blogger who started this, got over 25 bloggers on board.  Let's just say that each of the bloggers got even 10 people to pass it on.  Those 10 got even more to pass it on.  When all is said and done, our faithfulness to press the "share" tab was multiplied beyond what I could have imagined.

Many times through-out the day yesterday as I checked the totals and checked Facebook, I was brought to tears by the hearts and generosity of my friends. 


I have seen blog fundraisers before...usually with spectacular give-aways.  But this was different.  Everyone who blogged about it, shared it on Facebook, forwarded emails and donated money all did it just for the sake of this little girl.  There was no chance of getting something in return.  You all did it to bring this girl to a loving home...to rescue her from horrific circumstances.  And for that, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.

As I have said before, this little girl is in my heart.  I cannot wait to see her home with her forever family and watch her grow big and strong... 

There is still time to help.  The process of international adoption is a long and stressful one.  The Abell family still needs your prayers and support.  You can still donate HERE on their blog to the "Chip-In" account to help towards their Dossier.  Again, (from what I understand) they have to submit $7000 with the paperwork before they can even find out if she has been transferred yet.  Can you imagine living in the state of not knowing?

So, I just want to again say THANK YOU!  Seeing people step up for a complete stranger because it's the right thing to do is overwhelming to me.

You guys ROCK!!!

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