Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update on Olga

***Their Chip-In account is up to $710!!!  If was all give what we can, they will be fully funded this week.  We can do this!!!***

I wanted to give you all an update on the precious little girl named Olga who truly has changed my life. 

About a month ago, I joined many other bloggers in an attempt to raise money so that her forever family could bring her home.  You can read my post here:  A Day to Save Olga.  What an amazing response we saw!  In just a few days time, so many people responded to the call by praying, donating and/or sharing the story with others.

I come to you now asking you to rally together once again.  While they have raised around $20,000 so far, the anticipated costs for this adoption is around $35,000.  For those not familiar with international adoption, you are probably looking at this number in shock!  I know I did when I first became aware of it.  It is outrageous that it should cost that much money!  But, no matter how disgusted we are by the complicated, over-priced system, the fact remains that these children NEED TO BE RESCUED!  If you haven't read my previous post, please take a minute to do so. 

These children are unwanted.  They are considered defective and disposable. 

And yet, there are loving families here that desperately want to open their homes to these babies.  The Abell family has the means to support another child.  They have the space, the love, the ability, and the desire.  But no matter how much they are willing and able to bring another child into their life, that $35,000 initial cost is overwhelmingly difficult to come by.  How many people do you know that have that kind of money just lying around? 

If they had chosen to bring another child into their family biologically, this would not be nearly as complicated.  Medical insurance covers most of the expenses involved in a pregnancy.  Unfortunately, there is not equivalent insurance coverage for adoption expenses.  So because they chose to rescue a child that is in desperate need of a family, they have this enormous up-front cost.

This is not a situation where the family is getting in over their heads.  They have not made this decision lightly.  They are not going into it blindly. 

They are following God's call on their family. 

Most of us at one point or another help to raise money for something.  We raise money so that people can get the medical treatment they need.  We raise money to help fund research for various diseases.  We raise money for organizations that help end human trafficking.  We raise money to help people recover from natural disasters.  We raise money all the time for so many different causes.  But they are all similar in that they are there to help others in their time of need.

This is not a welfare case.  This is not supporting someone who just doesn't want to work to get what they want.  This is not enabling someone who doesn't know how to manage their money.

The Abell family has cut out all non-essential expenses such as "cable, eating out, haircuts, birthday parties, vacation, knick knacks, etc."  Chris has taken on a second job and works extra hours any chance he gets.  They are scrimping and saving and working.  Jenn is making and selling various items.  Yard sales, bake sales, MaryKay sales.  They are doing everything they can to bring their daughter home.  You can read more about their journey, their struggles and their undying love, hope and determination for their daughter in their latest blog post here

Won't you be a part of helping them bring her home?

What can you give?  $10?  $25?  $50?  More than that?  Some tax return money that could be used to help a little girl get home?

I want to challenge you to be a huge part in this wonderful story. 

First, pray for this family.  Pray for peace and wisdom and strength.  Pray for miracles in the process.  Pray for Olga...for her safety and health. 

Go to the family's blog, Saving Our Starfish, and donate to their "Dossier Submission Chip-In" account on the right-hand side of the page.  Give what you can.  Check out all of their fundraisers and participate.  They currently have $635 towards their goal of $5458.  Let's all join in and blow the top off that goal!

Then, share this story.  Email it to all your friends.  "Share" it on Facebook.

I have seen what can happen when we rally together. 

Let's do it again.

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